Online General Biology for Struggling Learners - Karly C. Wortmann

Iowa Learning Online offers a virtual GenBio course for special needs and at-risk high school students. The goal of GenBio is to help students become proficient in science and its mantra is “It’s about learning, not just about getting it done.” Inquiry is the foundation of the course which contains many onsite labs. Come find out what the course entails and hear from an instructor about student successes.

With nearly 30 in attendance, we had a exciting session full of participation. We were able to discuss some of the key features of how a model for General Biology can work for struggling learners (at-risk and those with special needs). Near the end of the session, we took the time to take a look at the labs that were available in the online course but were carried out hands-on at their individual locations. This led to discussions between the participants and the start of brainstorming for their own needs. The hands-on lab feature is one of the key features that makes a science class so wonderful and authentic for the students when taught at a distance.

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Extra Information About the Course: See the Description of the Exemplary Award from BlackBoard; Interview with Gail Wortmann (.wmv)
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